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Patient Anxiety Reduction in Healthcare, Problem Solved With Video

We had a client come to us to address two primary goals in their practice. First, solving the problem of communicating a repetitive message to patients. Second, reducing patient anxiety during days leading to a sensitive endoscopy procedure. Our client has strong core values about their patient's safety and anxiety. We interviewed their staff exploring our clients patients frequently asked questions, including misconceptions and fears. The staff's concerns were "gold" because they know their patients better than we do. We produced a video that showed a patient's perspective on how to best prepare for a day procedure. The video was conceptualized "thru the eyes of a patient" a perspective that patients could relate to. Many shots were filmed with the Steadicam to provide viewers with a virtual tour feeling of the building. From "Where do we park?" to "Where are my personal belongings kept" we covered all the key points in a four minute video. The addition of a professional female voice-over artist added just the right compassionate sounding feel we wanted for this video. Now, patients view this video online and many of their questions and concerns are addressed and resolved. The receptionist has noticed patients actually play the video with many less phone calls. Doctors have observed patients are relaxed and better prepared upon arrival.

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