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South Shore Dental Practice Uses Video, Becomes More Visible in the Community

East End Dental Wellness of Easton, MA wanted a video to communicate their philosophy, make them more visible to the surrounding communities and reflect the quality of care they strive to provide their patients. "We want to talk to new and existing patients with the video". The practice already sends out a newsletter and wanted a branded film to welcome new patients to their website.

After discussing the video with Dr. Kim, BA Films decided to use real patient testimonials along with interviewing staff showing their passion and communicating the practice's unique story. We needed to show technology, exams and hear from the hygienists as well as communicating the whole story. Pam Wynot of Ultimate Marketing Inc. helped us greatly to stay on track and remain consistent with the newsletter. Once we set up the cameras and heard the amazing stories from patients, staff and hygienists, we knew the video was going to be a big hit!

When producing, it's important to know who your clients are and what make them uniquely different. It's such an important part of what we do. Through the use of creative

HD cinematography, we tell our clients story keeping viewers interested and engaged.

Dr Kim reported to us "Feedback has been so positive! We receive patient comments all the time on the quality of the video and the video is shared frequently. The video has definitely helped us become more visible in the community.

To learn more about our video production services, please visit us at or

call Bob Accettullo @ 781.821.0002 for a free quote today.

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