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TickEase Tick Tool Kickstarter Video Filmed In Natural Woods Location

When producing a Kickstarter fund-raising film you need to be innovative with a high production value. Our client is the inventor of the TickEase tick removal product. Lyme disease is a serious health threat if ticks are not removed properly. His company needed a Kickstarter video to help raise product awareness while raising funds to help mass produce his products. We had a wooded filming location in mind where the lighting and surroundings were just perfect, but our challenge was getting the gear into this secluded and densely wooded spot. Luckily the BA films team has "Brutus" the all terrain vehicle for remote location shoots. We loaded the gear and made the long-haul to that perfect off-road spot. The lighting and conditions worked out very well and the insect repellent also did it's work! TickEase will be developing new products as a result and we'll be creating new videos for them over the next few months. If you have a product and need a video that's different and exciting, we'd love to hear from you! #happyclients #repeatcustomers

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