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Our Process


"In addition to being filmmakers, we also offer strategic marketing advice with a results targeted approach"



All it takes to get started is a great idea! Your idea. Our services go beyond filming, partnering with your team and sharing ideas. We have a knack at telling a story that keeps and holds viewers attention like a good movie. The video process is as simple as putting together a rough script. We'll work with you to find out who your target audience is and define your goals.  Please connect with us to learn more.


The script is the foundation and "blue print" of your story. Home builders follow a blue print, so do filmmakers. We will help you develop a powerful script and camera shot list that will engage your viewers and communicate well. Once the script is finalized, we can provide a great voice over talent that fits your demographics and style communicating your message with the right tone and feel.

Video Production

We schedule a convenient time to begin filming working around your schedule. Whether it's necessary to film employee interviews, multiple locations, presentations, beauty shots or interesting B-Roll footage to support your story, we have it covered. Some videos require models or actors as talent or we can work with employees. As a bonus, there will likely be team building, fun outtakes and unique company comradarie as we film!

Social Media 

Ask about our social media packages. We can create short clips for posting on social media about your company events, happenings, press releases, etc. Or, behind-the-scenes shots can be posted creating a buzz about your new video, product or service coming soon. Social media video posts are exciting and powerful in building relationships. Today's clients expect updates on your news feed. Seeing fresh professionally produced video appearing at intervals on your feed, keeps viewers engaged and checking in frequently. 


Interactive Design

Given the choice between text or video, a user will almost always play video. People retain more when they view video with graphics, text and sound. Provide users with a richer interactive experience. Have us produce a series of videos that allow users to select a video on demand from your website gallery of videos. Perhaps you have many products, services, divisions or repetive questions that a video can help with? Letting users select the corresponding video that suits their specific interests keeps and holds their attention longer.


Your video is delivered on time and on budget in the format that works best for you. We love creating powerful, informative videos that exceed our clients expectations. And when the time comes to update your video, this can be done at a fraction of the initial production cost. We are truly passionatte about telling your story thru cinematography and communicating your story. Learn more by calling us today! 


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